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Caixia Li: TeamMember



Sep.2017 - Present          PhD Engineering, School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering, UNSW
Sep.2014 - Jul.2017         Master's Degree of Science, Shaanxi Normal University, Xi'an, China 
Sep.2010 - Jul.2014         Bachelor's Degree of Science, Shaanxi Normal University, Xi'an, China


1. Caixia Li, Chi Wang, Qingyan Han, Yanni Wu, Hairong Zheng. Investigation on optical properties of Ag-Au alloy nanoparticles, Plasmonics (2016). 10.1007/s11468-016-0396-x.

2. Mingdi Zhang, Caixia Li, Wang C, et al. Tunable ultrahigh order surface plasmonic resonance in multi-ring plasmonic nanocavities[J]. Plasmonics, 2017, 12(6): 1773-1779.

3. Chi Wang, Caixia Li, Yanni Wu, Zhajin Wang, Qingyan Han, Hairong Zheng and Jun Dong. Investigations of High Order Plasmonic Resonance Features of the Nano Hyper Ring. J. Phys.: Condens. Matter (2016), 28(35): 354002.

4. Chengyun Zhang, Qingyan Han, Caixia Li, Mingdi Zhang, Longxiang Yan,
Hairong Zheng, Metal-enhanced fluorescence of single shell-isolated alloy metal
nanoparticle. Applied Optics. (2016) 55(32): 9131-9136.

5. Qingyan Han, Chengyun Zhang, Wei Gao, Zhihang Han, Tingzhuo Liu, Caixia Li, Zhaojin Wang, Enjie He, Hairong Zheng. Ag-Au alloy nanoparticles: Synthesis and in situ monitoring SERS of plasmonic catalysis, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 2016, 231: 609-614.

6. Yanni Wu, Hairong Zheng, Junna Li, Chi Wang, Caixia Li, and Jun Dong.
Generation and manipulation of ultrahigh order plasmon resonances in visible and
near-infrared region. Opt. Express 23(8), 10836-10846(2015).

7. Chi Wang, Yanni Wu, Hairong Zheng, Caixia Li, Junna Li, Jun Dong. Generation of
High-Order Resonance Modes in Visible and Near-Infrared Range from Square
Ring-Disk System, Plasmonics, 10(6), 1915-1920 (2015)

8. Zebin Ren, Xiaoyi Li, Jingxia Guo, Ruibo Wang, Yanni Wu, Mingdi Zhang, Caixia
Li, Qingyan Han, Jun Dong, Hairong Zheng. Solution-based metal enhanced
fluorescence with gold and gold/silver core-shell nanorods. Opt. Commun

9. Caixia Li, Ziheng Liu, Xiaojing Hao, Martin Green, “Optical optimization for III-V//Si multijunction solar cells”, Asia-Pacific Solar Research Conference, Dec. 2018, Sydney, Australia. (Oral)

10. Caixia Li, Ziheng Liu, Xiaojing Hao, Martin Green, “ Optimization of the transparent conductive adhesive layer for two-terminal multijunction solar cells”, European PV Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition, Sep. 2019, Marseille, France.

11. Caixia Li, Ziheng Liu, Xiaojing Hao, Martin Green, “Optical optimization for III-V/Si multijunction solar cells”, 29th international photovoltaic science and engineering conference, Nov. 2019, Xi’an, China.

12. Caixia Li et al., “Selective contact annealing for semitransparent III-V solar cells bonded on glass”, under revision.

13. Caixia Li et al.,“optical optimization for intermediate layer in III-V//Si multijunction solar cells”, under revision.

Caixia Li: Projects
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