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July 7th 2020


The School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering (SPREE) has pioneered research in PV and Renewables technologies for decades. We are ranked amongst the leaders worldwide in these research fields and are proud to count some of the worlds top researchers amongst our ranks. 

We are currently welcoming applications from prospective PhD candidates in each of the research topics covered by our team:

  • Copper based Chalcogenides 

  • New Adamantine PV Materials

  • Antimony Sulphide - Selenium

  • Perovskite Solar Sells

  • PEC Hydrogen Generation

  • III - V / Silicon Tandem Cells


  • Undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Material Science or similar. Overall GPA must be above 80%.

  • Master's degree in one of the research topics outlined above. 


Successful students can be awared full scholarships for the duration of the PhD program, which ranges from 3-3.5 years. These will fund all tuition fees, as well as provide a stipend to cover living expenses and give the candidates the financial freedom to fully focus on their research endeavours. Furthermore, grants are set aside to pay for career development activities such as attending conferences, and candidates are encouraged to attend at least two of these during the program. 

On top of the above, UNSW is offering exceptional candidates who have excelled in their respective field, the opportunity to join the Scientia PhD Scholarship scheme. Offering excellent personal and career development support, as well as a generous funding package, recipients of Scientia PhD Scholarships are expertly poised to produce cutting-edge research to tackle globals problems.

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